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    Alumni Advisory Board Initiative for the Kappa Theta Chapter of Sigma Nu


    Chapter: Kappa Theta Chapter at Jacksonviller University (Jacksonville, FL) - Founded in 1984


    Key Contacts:

    (*) Primary Contact for this initiative


    We will have a brief planning conference call to provide updates, answer questions, and finalize details for an on-site meeting or follow-up discussions.

    • Date: Tuesday, November 18, 2014
    • Time: 7:00 pm ET (Duration: 30-45 minutes)
    • An invite will be sent to all registered and details posted here
    • In the very near future we will hold an on-site orientation and training workshop for alumni volunteers lasting approximately 1.5-2 hours. That event date will be posted here and an invite will be sent out.


    If you have questions or would like more information, please reach out to one of the contacts above. Thank you for your consideration and all that you do for your chapter and Sigma Nu Fraternity!




  • First - this is not a Fundraising Initiative - the purpose of this initiative is to create the support network to further develop a strong, viable, and sustainable undergraduate chapter that is advised and supported by an active alumni team! Our alumni and the Fraternity believe strongly in this.


    Our Chapter and Sigma Nu Fraternity are seeking to organize an “Alumni Advisory Board” (AAB) to advise, mentor, and coach the Collegiate Chapter and its officers. We are planning to conduct a training and organizational meeting in the near future. We will take advantage of existing volunteers, others that have expressed interest, and supplement them through a recruiting effort. We need and appreciate your assistance!


    The purpose of the Alumni Advisory Board (AAB) is:

    • Advise, guide, and mentor collegiate members and officers
    • Provide support for the chapter/officers through periods of transition
    • Create long-term continuity among the chapter and the alumni
    • Preserve organizational knowledge from year to year


    We are looking for chapter alumni, other Sigma Nu alumni, parents, and other likeminded parties desiring to help advise the chapter, help to improve its overall operation, and create a sustainable advisement model. The AAB model is significantly different from the traditional Advisor model in that it incorporates a board of advisors, reduces the individual time requirements, allows alumni to focus in an area where they have extensive knowledge, experience and/or passion, and minimize the disruption associated with officer and advisor changes.


    To read or download an overview of the Sigma Nu AAB - click here


    AAB members DO NOT have to be local to the chapter although a portion of the board should be. AAB members only have to be committed to advising and improving the chapter. Many boards in Sigma Nu operate with 50% or more of the members being outside a close radius of their chapter. Also the length of advisor terms is flexible and when circumstances change there will a board of likeminded members ready to pick up responsibilities if needed.


    To express your interest in being involved in this initiative or to just get more information, please fill out the form below. The information will be sent by email to the organization and recruiting team. We are excited about this initiative and your interest.


    Other information/resources for this AAB Initiative:



    Before you dismiss the notion because you do not have the time or are too far away, please consider joining a conference call discussion, reaching out to one of us, or joining us for the orientation. Additionally you likely know someone who is a good fit for the AAB and/or there may other alumni volunteer roles you could participate in.


    Consider the thought, talk with other AAB members, or give us a call – it is a fairly new concept, but it can have a powerful impact on the chapter, the young men of the chapter, the alumni that participate and the fraternity.


    Thank you for your consideration!


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  • Sigma Nu - SE Beta Division - Please fill out this information!


  • SE Beta AAB Interest Form


    An alumni volunteer, another advisor, or a member of the staff is happy to speak to you more in depth, to answer your questions, and help you understand the needs as well as the value. We will contact you!


    We are using this for the Southeast Beta Division of Sigma Nu, but also working with other chapters to strengthen and sustain alumni advisement & engagement.



    We will seek to find volunteers for the Primary areas first and then the other areas, but we want to match you to the area of your greatest interest.

    We can assist you with orientation, officer manuals, guides, LEAD programming, and mentoring from the General Fraternity so you get acclimated.


    Not all advisors need to be in the local area or within 50 miles of the chapter, but a core group would be good. Advisors can be very effective long distance as well.




    LOOKING AHEAD - Please indicate your preference of days or dates for our Initial AAB Training, Orientation, and initial meeting that will be scheduled.





    A member of the staff or another advisor/alumni volunteer is happy to speak to you more in depth and to answer your questions. An AAB member, advisor, or the fraternity staff will contact you to discuss further.


    Sigma Nu - SE Beta Division - Alumni Information Update

    If you have a chance, please fill out an Alumni Information Update - click the image above.
    This will be provided to your chapter and the Sigma Nu HQs staff.


    Sigma Nu Southeast Beta


    Please note for simplicity sake we are utilizing the messaging and collection tool on the Theta Kappa Chapter (GSU) website (behind the scenes) to assist in this initiative. We thank Theta Kappa for allowing us to do this, however this information is not being shared or provided to them or other chapters. The purpose of this initiative is solely for the support of this undergraduate chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity and our alumni. We appreciate the assistance and collaborative spirit!