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  • Officers of the Theta Kappa Chapter must meet certain prerequisites to run for and hold office. The must also maintain those requirements after taking office. It starts with filling out and submitting an "Officer Interest Agreement" that will go on record with the chapter and be available for all members to review.


    Prequisites to becoming an Officer or Chairman in the Theta Kappa Chapter:

    1. GOOD STANDING. Must be a brother in "good standing" of the Theta Kappa Chapter, which mean he must be initiated into the Theta Kappa Chapter, no be on suspension or probation for any reason, and have no outstanding financial obligations to the Chapter, the House Corporation, or the Fraternity.
    2. PREREQUISITES. Must have completed the necessary prerequisites of the LEAD program, prior office prerequisites, and any other requirements indicated by the Chapter Bylaws.
    3. ACADEMICS. Officers and chairmen are required to have a 2.75 SGPA of the prior semester and a 2.50 Cumulative GPA to be eligible to run for office. To stay in office an officer or chairman must maintain a 2.75 SGPA each semester while in office. If the officers attains less than a 2.75 SGPA but more than a 2.00 SGPA and has at least a 2.50 CGPA then he may remain in office, but with a warning that it is imperative he improve his grades. If the officer attains less than a 2.00 SGPA or his CGPA falls below 2.50 than he must resign from office or be removed. The removal is automatic and does not require a vote by the Chapter.
    4. APPLICATION. Complete an "Officer Interest Agreement" and submit to the appropriate officer IAW the Chapter Bylaws.
    5. VALIDATE. The Standards Board is responsible for validating the items above and below have been met.


    Application Requirements - Attach a typewritten document to the agreement with narrative answers to the following questions:

    1. Why do you believe you can do a good job in this office(s)?
    2. What do you hope to accomplish during your time in this role?
    3. Provide your vision and leadership philosophy for this position:
    4. Describe what aspects of LEAD you have completed and how that will assist you in fulfilling your duties.
    5. Describe what other positions, committees, or other activities that will assist you in fulfilling this position.
    6. How will you leave this role in better shape than when you started and how will this help the chapter?
    7. Describe your strategy for effective transition/on-boarding when you take over and when you leave office?
    8. You may add additional items or background information to your typewritten response.


    To run for an officer, chairman or other position, you must:

    1. Read the Officer Role Description available on the Sigma Nu website (, which includes the duties described in The Law of Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc. (Passcode: Ask the Commander)
    2. Download and review the officer manual for each office on (Passcode: see above)
    3. Speak with either the current office holder (ΘΚ) and/or one of the same respective officer(s) from another recommended chapter. Please list name of the officer, his role, and the chapter.
    4. Speak with the alumni advisor for this position. Please list name of the advisor.


    An officer or chairman must (in addition to specific office requirements):

    1. Fulfill and complete his duties with a high sense of honor.
    2. He must set the example for members to follow.
    3. Seek to continuously improve the office, the chapter and committee he works with.
    4. Meet and attain at least minimum academic standards set forth in the Bylaws of the Chapter.
    5. Remain current in his financial obligations and be a “brother in good standing” at all times.
    6. Submit weekly written reports and provide oral reports on his office at each meeting.
    7. Maintain a notebook and electronic files for your office – pass them on to your successor.
    8. Work collaboratively and proactively with the advisor or alumni assisting with your role.
    9. Team with other members of his committee or working group to improve operations and the chapter.
    10. Seek to improve the role, learn from your predecessors, and pass on your experience to your successors.
    11. Prepare and present to your peers a presentation on your goals, objectives, activities, and the questions on this form that informs the chapter (collegiates and alumni) at the beginning of your office term.
    12. Attend, actively participate in, and bring information/ideas back to the chapter from recommended conclaves, workshops, and meetings of Sigma Nu Fraternity and Georgia Southern University.


    To download the Officer Interest Agreement - click here.


    To download the Theta Kappa Advisor Contact Sheet - click here.


    To download the Theta Kappa ABR-Chapter Roster - click here.


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