• The 150th Celebration: Our Atlanta Area Mixer:


    Come join other Atlanta area alumni at what is the next Atlanta Area Alumni Mixer celebrating Sigma Nu's 150th Anniversary at the Atlanta History Center in Buckhead. This will be our only Theta Kappa event this Spring. It will be once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet Sigma Nu brothers from across Georgia and the Southeast!


    • When: Thu., Apr. 25th, 2019
    • Where: Atlanta History Center in Buckhead
    • Time: 6:00 - 8:00 pm
    • Registration Fee: $25/person



    • Atlanta History Center
    • McElreath Hall
    • 130 West Paces Ferry Rd NW
    • Atlanta, GA 30305
    • 404.233.0313
    • http://bit.ly/sn150-map


    To RSVP: http://bit.ly/sn-atl-150.


    Please note to put "Atlanta History Center - McElreath Hall" in if you Google the address as it is two different buildings and you may be routed to another entrance.


    Watch Facebook for the most up-to-date information!

  • Top 8 Chapters:


    Mu (UGA): 42

    Eta Gamma (GA State): 26

    Theta Kappa (GA Southern): 21

    Theta Pi (West GA): 15

    Eta (Mercer): 11

    Iota Pi (KSU): 10

    Beta Theta (Auburn): 7

    Gamma Alpha (Tech): 7


    Our Registrants:


    John Austin, ΘΚ 120 (Advisor & our 11th Commander)

    Martin Bay, ΘΚ 169 (Past Alumni Recorder)

    Felipe Flores, ΘΚ 492

    Bill Geddy, ΘΚ 219 (Advisor & our 19th Commander)

    Zach Geurin, ΘΚ 823 (Advisor & our 46th Commander)

    Tom Houlihan, ΘΚ 251 (our 21st Commander)

    Greg Houlihan, ΘΚ 334 (Advisor)

    Eddie Hurst, ΘΚ 280 (Advisor/Past Worthy Commander)

    Brian Johnson, ΘΚ 281

    Todd Kalish, ΘΚ 311 (Advisor)

    Jim McBrayer, ΘΚ 5 (Golf Organizer & Charter Member)

    Eric Moore, ΘΚ 273 (Advisor & Worthy Lt. Commander)

    Justin Mullis, ΘΚ 619

    Brent Myers, ΘΚ 295 (Advisor & House Corp. Trustee)

    Jonathan Pizza, ΘΚ 623

    Shane Ragan, ΘΚ 254 (House Corp. President)

    Eddie Reeves, ΘΚ 229 (Past IFC President)

    Tony Scott, ΘΚ 230

    Wray Upchurch, ΘΚ 171 (Advisor/Worthy Commander)

    Mark Volkmer, ΘΚ 294 (Advisor)

    Dirk Young, ΘΚ 368 (Past House Corp. Treasurer)

  • High Rickety fellow Sigma Nu brothers!


    Sigma Nu's 150th Anniversary Celebration is in Atlanta on Thursday, April 25th and is the last anniversary event to wind up the celebration of our 150th. We are just days away, so register if you haven’t, be there, & help get other Theta Kappa alumni there to celebrate Sigma Nu’s 150th Celebration in Atlanta!


    Also keep in mind this event is being held in Buckhead at the end of the business day, so allow extra time for Buckhead, GA 400, and the general traffic snarls of Atlanta, so you don't miss it.


    There are presently 268+ Sigma Nu alumni/guests registered for this event. The facility (Atlanta History Center in Buckhead) will hold 400, so we need to fill it. The Atlanta celebration should be the largest event of the 150th since it has more Sigma Nu alumni than any other metro area – Birmingham had 325 in attendance. Meet our Sigma Nu Regent, Brother John Hearn (Mu 2000) from Atlanta, he is a great man and the face of Sigma Nu, but there will be many more leaders there, past & present, plus your Theta Kappa brothers!


    Right now there are only 21 Theta Kappa alumni registered, which is lower than it should be. We have had 3x this number attend Atlanta Alumni mixers, so 100 from ΘΚ is possible. If each of us gets 2-5 brothers to commit to attend, we will get there! We should be at 100+; Mu (UGA) has twice our number right now and we should be 2x of Mu. Even worse than being behind Mu, we are behind the Georgia State – come on now – REALLY? It is time to start shaming our brothers, shaking the bushes, and get more ΘΚ alumni there – this is the only time we will celebrate 150th and very few of us will around for the 200th anniversary in 2069, so let’s COMMIT to being there.


    If you don’t get worked up about Sigma Nu nationally then just come see your fellow Theta Kappa brothers and don’t worry this is not a fundraiser it is a CELEBRATION!


    Some things to do & consider:

    1. Share this email with your fellow brothers - don't assume they got it.

    2. Get your Big Brother, Little Brothers, Pledge Brothers & other brothers to attend.

    3. Let's get over 100 Theta Kappa alumni to go – get your brothers there!

    4. We want the "Theta Kappa Army" there & present - show our strength.
    5. Sigma Nu will have a photographer on hand - get shots with your borthers.
    6. It will be perfect to talk plans for Fall Football & Homecoming Plans.

    7. If you need contact information for someone contact Bill Geddy.


    This is sponsored by Sigma Nu Fraternity, the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation, and the Atlanta Host Committee. A significant portion of our current and recent leadership of Sigma Nu are from the Atlanta area, so you will have a chance to meet, interact, and hear from the movers & shakers of the Legion of Honor. DO NOT MISS this once in a lifetime event especially with Theta Kappa being a two-time Sigma Nu Rock Chapter there will plenty to celebrate & talk about.


    Share this message with your fellow brothers to ensure they received and attend as well!


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