Collegiate Officers

  • These listed officers represent the "Chapter Council" and the executive team, which is the governing body of the chapter. The term of office is approximately December 1 through November 30th of each year; the specific dates are based on the GSU academic calendar and set by the Chapter. This team is augmented by a number of additional elected and appointed officers, committee chairmen, and project leaders with responsibilities specific to their role; these other officers are listed on the next page (Other Officers - Chairmen).


    Our Chapter Council is comprised of the following officers:

    • Eminent Commander (the President & Chief Executive Officer of the Collegiate Chapter)
    • Lieutenant Commander (the Vice President or Chief Operating Officer of the Collegiate Chapter)
    • Treasurer (the Chief Financial Officer of the Collegiate Chapter)
    • Marshal (responsible for Candidate (Pledge) Program & Orientation for the Collegiate Chapter)
    • LEAD Officer (responsible for Candidate & Brother development - the "LEAD Program")
    • Recruitment Officer (responsible for Rush and new member recruitment for the Collegiate Chapter)
    • Sentinel (is the "Sergeant-at-Arms" and is responsible for Risk Reduction/Management)
    • Chaplain (responsible for spiritual assistance and partly for brotherhood development)
    • Social Chairman (responsible for planning & organizing social activities for the chapter)


    Please note the chapter has implemented a multi-person recruitment chairmen approach with one officer, the Recruitment Officer, siting on the council, but all of the chairmen have equal standing and accountability to the chapter. This underscores the importance of top-tier recruitment, but also shares the volume of work effort. There is also a Recruitment Committee to assist as well.


    To download a Sigma Nu at GSU Chapter Officer Contact List please click here.




    Many people ask why do we elect for a December-November cycle as opposed to the academic year and there is a simple answer with some strong rationale. It is the tradition of our fraternity nationally and it allows us to do several things to help the young men be prepared for office and have a successful term:

    1. It allows new officers to settle into their position during Spring Semester and Summer to prepare for the biggest, busiest semester, which is Fall.
    2. They are able to transition at the end of Fall semester.
    3. Sigma Nu LEAD and national leadership academies are setup for officers in January-February
    4. They lead on a calendar year cycle, which appears to simplify things.
    5. It allows the officers to prepare and brief their plans at an early January Meeting
    6. This is the desired cycle of our National Headquarters, Governing Body, and experience nationwide it yields the greatest success.


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    Please review our "Code of Conduct" and the Conduct Expectations at all fraternal events - click here.