• The Commander's Dinner

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    The next dinner is: Sat., January 18, 2025 at 6:00 pm

    at the Capital Grille in Atlanta



    The Commanders' Badge



    For more information or to RSVP - click above or here.



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    Our 2025 Commander's Dinner


    Fellow Commanders & Special Guests -


    We understand this is a commitment and we all have a lot of them, but we want to continue this tradition to honor our new Commander each year. If you have questions,  suggestions, ideas, or want to attend, please contact Zach Geurin at 404-229-3944 or ZGeurin25@gmail.com or Evan Winebarger at 770-853-7796 or evwinebar@gmail.com. You can also contact John Austin or Bill Geddy as well.


    DATE: Sat., Jan. 18th, 2025

    TIME: 6:00 PM (6:00 PM for Cocktails; 7:00ish pm for Dinner)

    PLACE: The Capital Grille, Buckhead

    WEBSITE: https://www.thecapitalgrille.com/

    ATTIRE: Business Casual (Sport coat, Pins, No tie is required)

    COST: ~$150 each (we will buy the collegiate dinners)

    WHO: The current Commander & Lt. Commander, all past commanders of Theta Kappa, our volunteers, and special guests.

    TO HONOR: TBD, ΘΚ 1xxx, our 55th Commander

    In 2024: Connor A. Kinard (Connor), ΘΚ 1068, our 54th Commander


    Please RSVPClick Here to RSVP (The message will be sent to Team)  


    TO RSVP:


    We know this is a big commitment, so if you live outside of the Atlanta area, consider brining your spouse and funding a shopping trip to Lenox Mall or Phipps Plaza as they are right around the corner. Our dinner will be a lot cheaper than the shopping.


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  • Commanders who have attended past dinners (26 of 54):

    • #01: Robert G. Williams (Robert), ΘΚ 258 (1967-1968)
    • #08: Jon E. Lott (Jon), ΘΚ 92 (1974-1975) **
    • #09: Jeffrey L. Spatz (Jeff) – ΘΚ 100 (1975-1976)
    • #11: John B. Austin (John), ΘΚ 120 (1977-1978)
    • #12: Philip C. Holley (Phil), ΘΚ 131 (1978-1979)
    • #14: Jimmie D. Walker, Jr. (Jim), ΘΚ 150 (1980-1982)
    • #18: James R. Mullis (Jim), ΘΚ 195 (1984-1985)
    • #19: William B. Geddy (Bill), ΘΚ 219 (1985-1988)
    • #21: Thomas P. Houlihan (Tom), ΘΚ 251 (1988-1989)
    • #22: Jeffery Kinlaw (Jeff), ΘΚ 282 (1989-1990)
    • #27: Jason A. Smith (Jason), ΘΚ 417 (1994-1995)
    • #33: David W. Pittman (David), ΘΚ 528 (2001-2002)
    • #37: Bruce W. Evans (Wilkes), ΘΚ 607 (2005-2006)
    • #41: James S. Mobley (Scott), ΘΚ 710 (2010-2011)
    • #43: Evan P. Winebarger (Evan), ΘΚ 754 (2013-2013)
    • #44: Eric D. Degen (Eric), ΘΚ 811 (2013-2014)
    • #45: Adam F. Clay (Adam), ΘΚ 810 (2014-2015)
    • #46: Zachary A. Geurin (Zach), ΘΚ 823 (2015-2016)
    • #47: Marshall B. Richards (Marshall), ΘΚ 847 (2016-2017)
    • #48: George C. Hamil (Connor), ΘΚ 875 (2017-2018)
    • #49: Chandler D. O'Brien (Chandler), ΘΚ 891 (2018-2019)
    • #50: Alexis F. Guiloux (Alex) – ΘΚ 952 (2019-20)
    • #51: Avi B. Patel (Avi) – ΘΚ 986 (2020-21)  
    • #52: John T. Radcliffe (Jack) – ΘΚ 1032 (2021-22) 
    • #53: Andrew M. Scott (Andrew) – ΘΚ 1047 (2022-23)
    • #54: Connor A. Kinard (Connor) – ΘΚ 1068 (2023-24) 


    Volunteers and Guests who have honored us with their attendance:

    • James H. McBrayer (Jim), ΘΚ 5 (Honored Guest)
    • Anthony B. Fair (Tony), ΘΚ 9 (Lt. Cdr; Advisor)
    • William H. Griffin (Bill), ΘΚ 25 (Alum Cdr, House Corp) **
    • Wray D. Upchurch (Wray), ΘΚ 171 (Alum Cdr, Advisor)
    • R. E. Shane Ragan II (Shane), ΘΚ 254 (House Corp. President)
    • Eric S. Moore (Eric), ΘΚ 273 (Advisor, AAB)
    • Edward G. Hurst (Ed), ΘΚ 280 (Alum Cdr/Advisor, AAB)
    • Brian J. Johnson (Brian), ΘΚ 281 (Honored Alumnus)
    • Brent E. Myers (Brent), ΘΚ 295 (Advisor, AAB/House Corp.)
    • Robert W. Rabb (Rob), ΘΚ 301 (Advisor)
    • Todd E. Kalish (Todd), ΘΚ 311 (Advisor, AAB)
    • William L. Sands (Larry), ΘΚ 325 (Advisor, AAB Vice Chairman)
    • John G. Houlihan (Greg), ΘΚ 334 (Advisor, LEAD)
    • Richard D. Barnett (Ritchie), ΘΚ 383 (Honored Alumnus)
    • John A. Shaner (John), ΘΚ 587 (Honored Alumnus)
    • Dane T. Hoard (Dane), ΘΚ 711 (Advisor, Finance)
    • Brian D. Griffin (Brian), ΘΚ 759 (Legal & Risk Advisor, AAB)
    • Joshua A. Calhoun (Josh), ΘΚ 804 (Advisor, AAB; Worthy Recorder)
    • Zach Byrne (Zach), ΘΚ 841 (Past Recruitment Chair)
    • Cody W. Doolittle (Cody), ΘΚ 842 (Past Marshal)
    • G. Connor Hamil (Connor), ΘΚ 875 (as Lt. Commander)
    • Chandler D. O'Brien (Chandler), ΘΚ 891 (as Lt. Commander)
    • Jake R. Sunday (Jake), ΘΚ 930 (as Lt. Commander)
    • Porter I. Cox (Porter), ΘΚ 1024 (was Lt. Commander)
    • Connor A. Kinard (Connor), ΘΚ 1068 (as Lt. Commander)
    • Kyle B. Hartline (Kyle), ΘΚ 1081 (as Lt. Commander)
    • John A. Hearn (John), M 2000 (Mu Cdr, Vice Regent, Past Regent)
    • R. Michael Barry (Michael), M 2071 (Mu Cdr, TFH, now Vice Regent)
    • Joseph M. Gilman (Joe), ΘT 2 (ΘT Cdr, Past Regent, Foundation)
    • James L. Perrett (Lee), BΘ 1581 (Past Regent, Foundation)
    • Jason L. Dooley (Jason), IPi 335 (SE Alpha, Division Commander)
    • James A. Owens (James), IP 101 (Staff, Foundation)
    • Tyler C. Young (Tyler), EZ 1929 (EZ Cdr, Foundation)
    • Bradley L. Hastings (Brad), ΘΠ 688 (ΘΠ Cdr, Foundation)
    • Tre Nelson (Tre), MP343 (MR Commander, HQs Staff)
    • Jonah MacKay (Jonah), Λ1359 (Λ Commander, HQs Staff)




  • Each past commander and guest is responsible for their own charges. Attendees will be assessed an amount for the honored commander’s dinner & other expenses, which will be equally split. We will have a private dining room for this special occasion - our previous dinners have been very successful, so PLEASE LET US KNOW IF WE CAN MARK YOU COMMITTED.


    The dinner welcomes and honors the new Theta Kappa Commander: Connor A. Kinard, ΘΚ 1068, our 54th Commander. We have honored the following commanders:

    • In 2013: Evan P. Winebarger, ΘΚ 754, of Lilburn GA, our 43rd
    • In 2014: Eric D. Degen, ΘΚ 811, of Canton GA, our 44th
    • In 2015: Adam F. Clay, ΘΚ 810, of Statesboro GA, our 45th
    • In 2016: Zachary A. Geurin, ΘΚ 823, of Alpharetta GA, our 46th
      • We also honored the sevice Anthony B. Fair (Tony), ΘΚ 9
    • In 2017: Marshall B. Richards, ΘΚ 847, of Canton GA, our 47th
    • In 2018: G. Connor Hamil, ΘΚ 875, of Carrolton GA, our 48th
    • In 2019: Chandler D. O'Brien, ΘΚ 891, of Woodstock GA, our 49th
      • We also honored the memory of William H. Griffin (Bill), ΘΚ 25
    • In 2020; Alexis F. Guiloux, ΘΚ 952 of Englewood FL, our 50th
    • In 2023: Avinash B. Patel, ΘΚ 986 of Hahira GA, our 51st  
      • John T. Radcliffe, ΘΚ 1032, of Peachtree City GA, our 52nd 
      • Andrew M. Scott, ΘΚ 1047, of Kennesaw GA, our 53rd
      • We also honored the memory of Jon E. Lott (Jon), ΘΚ 92
    • In 2024: Connor A. Kinard, ΘΚ 1068 of Carrollton, GA, our 54th  


    This event is being planned and hosted by Zach Geurin, ΘΚ 823, our 46th Commander; Evan Winebarger, ΘΚ 754, our 43rd Commander; and John B. Austin, ΘΚ 120, our 11th Commander and the Risk Reduction & Legal Advisor to the Theta Kappa Alumni Advisory Board. Thank you Zach, Evan, & John for arranging this and thank you to each of you for considering this and your past service to our chapter.


  • Sigma Nu Coat of Arms


  • The Commanders' Badge


  • Georgia Southern Eagle


  • Sigma Nu Shield


  • The Commanders' Badge


  • Sigma Nu Coat of Arms


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    Our 2025 Dinner will honor the 55th Commander of Theta Kapopa on Sat., January 18, 2025 at the Capital Grille in Atlanta. Our future dinners are planned for the Saturday evening of the MLK weekend each year and are:


    2025 Date: Sat., Jan. 18th, 2025

    2026 Date: Sat., Jan. 17th, 2026

    2027 Date: Sat., Jan. 16th, 2027

    2028 Date: Sat., Jan. 15th, 2028

    2029 Date: Sat., Jan. 13th, 2029

    2030 Date: Sat., Jan. 19th, 2030



    We have held ten (10) very successful “Theta Kappa Commanders’ Dinners” to honor our new and out-going commanders as well as several alumni. These twelve young men (we honored 3 in 2023 due to Covid) have helped lead the renaissance of the new Theta Kappa Chapter along with our volunteers and have established us as one of the top chapters in the nation. These events were a great mix of socializing between many of our past commanders/special guests and the business and fraternity side – using the time to mentor and coach the new commander as well as get updates and exchange ideas on the current state and future of our chapter. Each honored commander and guest has indicated they got a lot out of the event as well connecting with the brothers who have walked in their shoes. After they finish their term, they rejoin us as a graduating senior or an alumnus then continue to return continuing this tradition. We look for the next event to be even larger and we all look forward to it.



    The Commanders' Badge


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