Flash the Note Team

  • Flash the Note - Oct. 22, 2005


  • Team Captains & Co-Captains


    The Team Captains were one of the key aspects of the "Crazy Idea" as they were recruited members for their team to cover the monthly payment for five years then were responsible for collecting team member contributions and then pay the House Corporation Treasurer by the payment due date. Many of the Team Captains and other dedicated alumni signed a personal guarantee during the period for $10,000 or more. In October 2005 we paid off the mortgage to the House.


  • Photo Name Position
    Default_profile_image Wally McCullough November - The Old Guys
    Bill_griffin8_small_35843 Bill Griffin December - Christmas comes early!
    Small_bgeddy-sqnt Bill Geddy January - the "Stupid Guys"
    Default_profile_image Tony Scott January - the "Stupid Guys"
    Tony_fair_small_28735 Tony Fair February - "the Valentines"
    Small_190499_1014999509051_1646989727_40888_6954_n Roy Fowler February - "the Valentines"
    Billyh2_small_23037 Billy Hickman March - the "Taxman Cometh"
    Default_profile_image Russell Hickman March - the "Taxman Cometh"
    Default_profile_image Donald Cioban May - the "May Flowers"
    Default_profile_image Dirk Young June - "Summer Rain"
    Small_sid_prom Ed Hurst June - "Summer Rain"
    Default_profile_image Paul Ashmore July - "Independence"
    Default_profile_image Bryan Carroll July - "Independence"
    Sg2_small Stephen Garner August - "It is getting Hot in here"
    Small_2752e5e6-ea9f-4ebf-8fdb-d69fd2ac77fa Marty Williams August - "It is getting Hot in here"
    Default_profile_image David Whitlaw September - "the Cleanup Crew"
    Dsc00288_small John Dowdle September - "the Cleanup Crew"
    Default_profile_image Tripp Johnson
  • Sigma Nu Epsilon Tau Tau - For Life