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  • Sigma Nu Homecoming - Our Signature Annual Event

    Sigma Nu Fraternity's annual signature alumni event, Homecoming at GSU with Sigma Nu - Theta Kappa is one you will always remember. We welcome all of our alumni, spouses, collegiates, and friends of the chapter to celebrate and enjoy GSU Homecoming with us. We usually start on Wednesday or Thursday, some even come down for the entire week, and end on Sunday, but everyone is welcome to come down (or up) for one day, two days, three days or more, but we want you to come enjoy our brotherhood and life-long friendship as well as a great time and great football. For more information contact alumni@sigmanugsu.com.


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  • Thursday – Oct. 4th 

    8:00 pm     Welcome events at various locations. Dingus Magee's is an option


    Friday – Oct. 5th

    8:00 am     GS University Bookstore Opens

    9:45 am     Meet for Golf at GS University Course

    10:00 am   Golf at Georgia Southern University Golf Course 

    3:00 pm     After Golf at Loco's (for those interested)

    6:00 pm     Alumni Welcome Reception at the Millhouse Steakhouse

       Dinner is available, full bar, and Welcome Packet will be provided

    9:00 pm     Homecoming Alumni Band Party at the House


    Saturday – Oct. 6th

    8:00 am     GSU Bookstore Opens

    11:30 am   Annual Alumni Meeting at the Theta Kappa House

    12:45 pm   Annual Picture in front of the House 

    1:00 pm     Lunch at the House (BBQ by Vandy's BBQ) - guaranteed great!

    2:00 pm     Alumni Game Day and Tailgate at the House & other spots

    5:30 pm     Depart for Game

    6:00 pm     GSU vs. South Alabama - Club Level Seating with Beer!

    9:30 pm     On your own - after game parties


    Sunday – Oct. 7th

    8:00 am     Depart & travel safely home


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    Your homecoming payment are on-line and we would appreciate everyone paying in advance and by credit card, so we can improve processing efficiency - cash is OK but is an accounting nightmare for us. Dues and Homecoming can be paid together and we will disburse payment to the right location.



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  • Homecoming 2017 Football Seating

    Thinking ahead to Homecoming 2017 if you need tickets, we need to know right away. We are excited to announce that this season the Athletic Department is allowing us to buy a block in the Club Level Premium seats (Sections 101-113), so if you want those, please order those now and on here. The Club Level Premium seats are on the visitor side under the upper deck; they include a reserved seat (not a bench), shade, and premium access, but also beer/beverages and snacks are included with the seats. These tickets are coming through the Eagle Fund donations and Season Ticket allocations of several Theta Kappa alumni, so we could secure these premium seats for our alumni. If you want other seating, please contact the ticket office directly.


    To get these seats you need to RSVP for Homecoming and order the tickets as soon as possible - they are $45/seat, so submit your RSVP and pay your fees online as soon as possible.


    Club Level Seats

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  • Hotel & Motel Listing for the Statesboro/GSU Area


  • On Nov. 17, 1967 (50 years ago) we were founded, on May 6, 1968 we were colonized as a chapter in Sigma Nu, and on May 10, 1970 we were chartered as Chapter #171 (Theta Kappa) in Sigma Nu Fraternity also known as the Legion of Honor. We were originally chartered with 32 members, but we have added over 20 additional founding and early alumni members over the years, including our primary founder, Robert G. Williams, ΘΚ 258, on Nov. 15, 1986. Now with close over 900 members and closing in quickly on 1000 initiates, we celebrate our 50th anniversary since our founding and we begin the approach our 50th anniversary in 2020, but each year we celebrate this date. This year is also special in that we end the school year of what has arguably been one of the best years of Theta Kappa certainly in recent memory.


    Hail Theta Kappa! Hail Sigma Nu! Hail GSU! ΣΝΕΤΤ!


    Each year we celebrate the anniversaries of our dedicated members who made it all happen.


    At Homecoming 2017 we celebrate the 50th anniversary of our founding!


    With that in mind we are establishing yet another tradition for our Homecoming celebrations - each year we will celebrate the "5x Reunion" of candidate class initiation into the Theta Kappa Brotherhood. It is simple - you take the year of Homecoming, 2017 in this case, and you subtract multiples of 5 years to determine which class years we will specially honor. We want everyone to attend, but we will specially honor specific classes so that those alumni who cannot make the pilgrimage each year they will know the years that they should specially plan for and where the most of their initiate class and chapter peers will attend. To keep it simple we will tell you what it is:


    2016 (6 & 1): 1970, 1971, 1976, 1981, 1986, 1991, 1996, 2001, 2006, 2011

    - In 2016 that is: 0042-0064, 0115-0127, 0174-0185, 0242-0272, 0380-0402, 0477-0493, 0599, 0695-0701, 0744-0780

    - We always celebrate our founders and chartering year: 0001-0041, 0258-0271, 0300, 0329-0330, 0500

    2017 (2 & 7): 1970, 1972, 1977, 1982, 1987, 1992, 1997, 2002, 2012

    2018 (3 & 8): 1970, 1973, 1978, 1983, 1988, 1993, 1998, 2003, 2013

    2019 (4 & 9): 1970, 1974, 1979, 1984, 1989, 1994, 1999, 2004, 2009, 2014

    2020 (5 & 0): 1970, 1975, 1980, 1985, 1990, 1995, 2000, 2005, 2010, 2015


    Each member will be given an anniversary certificate and an alumni pin marking thier five (5x) year (in 5 year increments) anniversary, since their initiation in Theta Kappa of Sigma Nu.


    We are also going to keep the Homecoming celebration easy to remember - it will follow a similar format and organization each year, so whether you get an invite or not, you know when Homecoming is, you will know what we are doing, you will know you are always welcome, and you can plan on it!. The only thing we will do is enhance or add activities to the schedule. Some other things to remember:

    • Homecoming will always have a fees or costs of $45-$75 unless otherwise announced.
      • We would like you to register & pay in advance. You can always come here to pay/register.
    • We will have a golf tournament every year on Friday - we will try to start around 10:00 am.
    • We will always have a Alumni Welcome Reception (usually off-site) on Friday at around 6:00 pm.
    • We will have various activities on Friday & Saturday night, which be the biggest variable.
    • We will always have our Alumni Meeting at 10:00 am on Saturday (+/- 30 minutes).
    • We will always have our Traditional Tailgate Lunch & Game Day celebration at 11:30 am on Saturday.
    • We will always have a positive environment - it will be spouse, parent, family & kid friendly.
    • We will always have a drug-free environment - illegal drug use will be referred to the Police.
    • We know that everyone has different circumstances and availability, so try to come and stay for 1 day, 2 days, 3 days or more - you will enjoy yourself!


    • Hotel rooms are at a premium, but they are available. Most hotels require a two night minimum and many will require you book for both Friday and Saturday nights. We do not have a block of rooms, but if you would like to arrange and manage it now and in the future, please let the Alumni Commander know.


    If you have ideas, suggestions, complaints or would like to volunteer to help, we would love to hear from you. Please contact the Alumni Commander or officers - thier contact information may be located by clicking here.


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  • Homecoming Fee & Alumni Dues Structure

    We have lowered and simplified our fees!


    2017 Homecoming Fee Structure:

    • Alumni Dues & Homecoming Fee - $75 (Covers lunch for two, Security, Band & other Costs)
      • Please pay online in advance
      • After Oct. 10th and for on-site payment the Homecoming Fee is $100
    • Golf (TBD) - $35-45 including greens fee, cart, and tax
      • Golf reservations and payment should be made in advance
    • Homecoming T-Shirts - $30/t-shirt
    • Club Level Premium Football Seating for Sigma Nu - $45/ticket (includes beer & beverages in the stadium)


    Additional Theta Kappa Alumni Chapter Donations - optional but always needed and appreciated:

    • Black Level - $100/year
    • White Level - $250/year
    • White Star Level - $250/year x 10 years (Post-Graduation Commitment)
    • Gold Level - $450/year
    • Dues do not include the Homecoming Fees this year, so they were trimmed to reflect that
    • Starting this year you can have dues withdrawn from your checking account or credit card on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis forever.
    • We have an tex-deductible Schoolarship Fund for those wishing to make that type of donation. It is managaed at the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation. For more information please go to: http://sigmanugsu.celect.org/scholarship-fund.



    Please note: Only Theta Kappa alumni need to RSVP NO; parents, collegiates,

    and friends do not need to. Alumni, Parents, & Friends should RSVP YES if they plan to attend.


    Sigma Nu Homecoming 2017 RSVP

    Please RSVP below and announce you are coming on Facebook (click to left), so others will know!


    1. Please fill out the RSVP form on the following page, please click here (to RSVP YES).

    2. If you are short of time and would like to just RSVP NO, please click here (to RSVP NO).

    3. Click on the payment logo ("Click Here - Pay Here") below or on the link just to the left.


    Please note if you pay your Homecoming Fee after Tue., Oct. 10th or on-site the fee is $100 instead $75, so you are urged to pay in advance and on-line.


    Travel safely and we will see you in Statesboro at Homecoming!


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