Alumni Mentor

  • Alumni Mentor & Big Brother Program


  • The purpose of the "Alumni Mentor Program" (aka The Alumni Big Brother Program) is to:

    • Provide collegiate brothers with a mentor from the alumni ranks
    • Augment the collegiate Big Brother role with experienced alumni
    • Provide guidance on Fraternity & Career development that will assist the young man
    • Provide "industry" context for fields that collegiates are interested in
    • Strengthen the connection between collegiates and alumni of the Theta Kappa Chapter


    The Theta Kappa Alumni Mentor Program demonstrates dedication to the future success of Theta Kappa’s Active Chapter. 

    • Modeled after the Mu Chapter's program, which was developed in 2005, it is designed to:
      • Pair actives with designated alumni
      • Provide opportunities for Theta Kappa and Sigma Nu Alumni to spend time (either on the phone or in person) with actives who have expressed a dedicated interest in a particular career path or leadership arena. 
      • Theta Kappa Alumni from around the country have responded to the call for volunteers and will begin to actively participate in the Program.
    • The Theta Kappa Alumni Mentor Program is a novel and leading edge component of our future Chapter. To our knowledge, no other chapter at GSU offers such a development tool to its active members.


    Brother Michael Singletary, ΘΚ 744, a member of the Alumni Advisory Board and who is responsible for Alumni Volunteer Programs, will be coordinating this program for he alumni.


    To read more about the "Alumni Mentor Program" - click here.


  • Photo Name Position
    Michael Singletary Volunteer Programs Advisor
    Larry Sands Volunteer Programs Team & Recruit Volunteers
    Mike Thurman Volunteer Programs Team
    Bill Geddy Recruit Alumni Volunteers
  • Alumni Mentor Program


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