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    Sigma Nu Fraternity’s Theta Kappa Chapter (at Georgia Southern University) has implemented and embraced the LEAD Program for both new member education and continuing education for all members. The LEAD Program, which stands for Leadership, Ethics, Achievement, and Development, is designed to make members better brothers, better alumni, better leaders, stronger citizens and to provide a competitive edge in the wide open job marketplace. Theta Kappa utilizes GSU’s City Campus “E-Zone” for this value-added educational program.


    To volunteer to facilitate LEAD at Theta Kappa Chapter (GSU) or get more information about facilitating, please scroll down, fill out the form, and a volunteer or staff member will be in touch with you.


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    The LEAD Program is Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc.'s membership development program. All members and candidates participate in this comprehensive ethical leadership development program. LEAD is an acronym for Leadership, Ethics, Achievement, and Development. The purpose of LEAD is to develop ethical leaders for society, brothers who will make an impact on their chapter, campus and community.


    For the LEAD Program to be successful, we need excellent alumnus facilitators. They need to be role models, to share their experiences as leaders in their careers and to show that Sigma Nu is for life. Participating as a LEAD facilitator gives alumni the opportunity to give back and get involved in a chapter, to help shape the lives of our collegiate brothers.


    We seek alumni who are active in their community through professional organizations, church, politics or other community organizations. Alumni who believe that teaching and mentoring others can make an impact. We believe you have something valuable to share. We need your knowledge, guidance and commitment to make a difference in the lives of our students.


    Specifically, we are looking for alumni to facilitate one or two sessions per semester. Preparation time for a session is minimal, usually sixty to ninety minutes. There are session guidance notes for all sessions and online content you preview to familiarize yourself with the material prior to the facilitation.


    The impact that LEAD can have on a chapter is incredible. LEAD has the ability to motivate members, create a new vision for the chapter, provide solutions for everyday challenges, help members be more effective as students and leaders, and implement effective change.


    If you are interested in facilitating LEAD, but you cannot travel to Georgia Southern University (Statesboro, GA) then there are likely several chapters close to you that would appreciate your help. To volunteer for LEAD at another chapter or get more information about facilitating at another chapter, please click here, fill out the form, and a volunteer or staff member will be in touch with you.


    It all starts with you.


    LEAD, and change the world (at least the world of our young men).


  • Alumni, parents, faculty, and friends of Theta Kappa - you can help with this program. If you have special skills, life knowledge, or would just like to participate - the LEAD program is a way to positively influence the chapter and our young men. Take a look at the materials here, on the Sigma Nu website, and let us know. We welcome your input and assistance. For more information on the Sigma Nu and Theta Kappa LEAD Program click here.


    1. We will add all volunteers for LEAD to the master list of volunteer facilitators.
    2. The list is evaluated by the LEAD Committee and Advisors for alignment with our needs.
    3. The final approved list is completed and approved by the ABR for the LEAD Committee.
    4. The LEAD committee follows up with each person on the list and makes sure they are interested.
    5. Assignments and interest area are aligned with the LEAD calendar.
    6. If more facilitators are needed, we will solicit and recruit directly.


  • Facilitate LEAD


    LEAD - Phase 1 - The Way of Honor.

    Each Phase I session also includes online content for candidates to review prior to attending the facilitated session. The online content includes primers for each session topic, quizzes, interactive activities, video, voice-overs, additional resources and reflection exercises. All online content can be accessed via the LEAD Program link in the Members Area.

    I am interested in participating as a panelist or facilitator for an All Chapter LEAD Session or Advanced LEAD session. Please contact me and see my thoughts below:


    For a more detailed description of LEAD Phases and Topics, see "Sigma Nu LEAD" to your left.


    A copy of this form will be emailed to the LEAD Chairman, LEAD Advisor, AAB Chairman, and Chapter Advisor.

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