• Welcome Home Theta Kappa Brothers!

  • WELCOME HOME! Four Theta Kappa Brothers recently returned from a tour in Afghanistan. They were Bryan D. Neal (ΘΚ 556), Thomas G. Eddy (ΘΚ 572), Brian C. Taylor (ΘΚ 703), and Nicholas C. Ives (ΘΚ 780). See the front page of Sunday’s Statesboro Herald where Bryan is greeted by wife Stephanie and son, Jack. Look for an area on the website in the next few weeks with more information on these heroes, others who have served, and our military alumni, but first and again welcome home brothers – thank you for your service!


    Bryan D. Neal (ΘΚ 556)

    Thomas G. Eddy (ΘΚ 572)

    Brian C. Taylor (ΘΚ 703)

    Nicholas C. Ives (ΘΚ 780)


  • 4 Star Flag for the safe return

  • Guard Troops Return

  • Sigma Nu Epsilon Tau Tau - For Life